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Welcome to the world of Chrono Guards, where you must protect Arcadia from time anomalies caused by the evil Creepz. Get ready to dive into a thrilling gameplay experience that will challenge your precision and timing skills.

How To Play

More About Game

Chrono Guards game is made singlehandedly by Omhet in 2 weeks specially for Gamedev.js Jam 2023

In 2023 year, there are several challenges in the gamejam that this entry participated in:

  • Flash Revival by CrazyGames
    This game was inspired by the following flash games: Clockwork, Stop The Clock, Reflex

  • Arcadians by OP Games, Overlord's Arena by Overlord, Interoperability.
    This game whole story (read below) is inspired by Arcadia and Overlord lore and assets

Game Story

Arcadia, a world where time flows harmoniously, faces a grave threat from the Creepz, cold-blooded lizard beings led by the ruthless Overlord. To conquer Arcadia, the Creepz unleash time anomalies that disrupt the natural flow of time, plunging the world into chaos.

As a ChronoGuardian, the player must stabilize the time anomalies, restoring the balance of time and weakening the Creepz forces. The fate of Arcadia hangs in the balance as players progress through increasingly challenging clock-stopping sequences and confront Creepz controlled minions. The future is in your hands.

Tech Side


Phaser 3 - Core game
React - UI
Effector - Managing UI state

Art & Design

Figma - UI/UX design
Midjourney - Art


AIVA - Soundtracks
SwishSwoosh, Zapsplat - Game sounds

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