NOTE:    It's better to play on your phone

Recycle is a    casual cute   touch-device oriented game  that was made for  GamedevJS-2020    and the love for waste recycling, because  there is no  future without it!

How To Play

The controls are simple - just swipe different waste throwing from the bottom of the screen to the corresponding bin. Don't mix it up, plastic bottles go to the  yellow bin for plastic, glass ones go to the green bin for glass. Easy!


Made with Phaser

Music, art and code - all  by myself.   I took  a  few sound effects from   Zapsplat though

Development log


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Very cute graphics and animations. I like it.


Pretty cute game :)

Thank you :)


Cool game bro....!

Thanks :D


Cool game! I especially liked the graphics!

Thank you! I really worked hard on that